Open Call for the Community Art Exhibition: “Faces from the Corona Quarantine!”

PRDD DEMETERotsikkokuva

Kulttuuritoimitus invites professional visual artists as well amateurs of all ages to participate with the online community art exhibition. Deadline is May 31th. It is possible to apply from all over the world.

Illustrarion: Szuzsa Demeter: Variaatioita [Variations].

Kulttuuritoimitus ( invites professional visual artists as well amateurs of all ages to participate with the online community art exhibition “Faces from The Corona Quarantine!”

With this online exhibition we want to capture a special moment in history, the corona quarantine period, in form of facial images. Paintings and drawings in every possible technique are accepted, photographs are not.

The main goal of this project is to create a communal space for people to exhibit their art as it is, for now, almost impossible to do in traditional gallery spaces. The project also reflects the way societies must re-invent themselves and come up with new, more communal ways to act.

This concerns everyone, and that’s the reason this exhibition is also open for everyone. Do our faces reflect the time we’re living? And how?

The deadline for sending the works ends on Sunday, May 31, 2020 at 11:59 p.m.

The online exhibition will open in the summer, but individual drawings and paintings will be published already during April and May.

Viljami Heinonen: Thorn, 2017.

Rules & Instructions

  • Create a facial picture. It can be a self-portrait or a portrait of someone else. You can seek inspiration from art history, but don’t let it restrict you.
  • All drawing and painting techniques are accepted, photographs are not. Maximum size of the original work is 80 cm (the longest side).
  • Sign the work with your own name or pseudonym. Include the date when the work was finished.
  • Take a photo of your work and send it in jpg format by e-mail: .
  • Maximum size of the file is 3 MB. The width of the image should be 2,000 pixels and the resolution preferably 300 dpi. Send three (3) images at most.
  • Include all the relevant details about the work (the title, techniques used), a short introduction starting with the words ”I am” and, if you want, a short description of the work and/or a short message to the audience.
  • Include your real name (first and last name) in the post, even if you use a pseudonym. Also include your phone number. If we are to publish your work, we have to be able to verify your identity.
  • Include your category. There are three categories: 1) Amateurs, 2) Professionals and art students, 3) Under-16.
  • Subject of the e-mail: “Faces from the Corona Quarantine! / Your Name”.

The copyright will remain with you. There is no entry fee. The participants will not be paid for published works. Children under the age of 16 years need a signed permit from a guardian to participate.

Preliminary curating done by the exhibition committee of Kulttuuritoimitus. Second stage of curating done by the jury, including artists and one art critic (the members of the jury will be named later).

The jury’s and the public’s favourites will be awarded with art supplies, artist materials and art books.

Important: By participating you give Kulttuuritoimitus a permission to publish your works and texts on its website ( and on its social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube). By participating you also give Kulttuuritoimitus a permission to publish cropped versions of your images (so-called header-images), if necessary.

More information: Visual Artist Marja-Liisa Torniainen [, mobile phone +358 45 120 9453,].

Painting by Viljami Heinonen (2019).